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Pig Farm Management Production Planning


Farm Management is the coordination and planning of farm activities. It also involves establishing and maintaining a good working environment where people can work effectively and efficiently to achieve targeted output. Why do people raise pigs? Before one decides to go into or expand his pig business, he has to consider first what would be his reason for doing so. What then are the most common reasons why people go into pig raising?
  • As a main source of income
  • Good local demand
  • Export possibilities
  • Utilization of farm products and by-products
  • Customs and tradition
  • Pork as a source of protein in the diet
Advantages of Pig Raising
After establishing a clear reason why we want to get involved in pig keeping, it is also advisable to look into some of the advantages:
  • By-product utilization. Pigs do not have to compete with human for food. Pig production with farm by-product utilization as feeds is possible. Plant products and by-products which are not usually suitable or accepted as human food can easily be converted by pigs into a protein rich food.
  • Soil fertility. With proper waste disposal and waste utilization, pig manure can positively influence soil fertility.
  • Pigs are efficient converter of quality feeds
  • Pigs can be raised under intensive system and technologies for such system are already available
  • Quick breed improvement
  • Adaptability to other systems and management
Factors to Consider Before Putting Up or Expanding a Pig Farm
  • Market situation. It is important to consider the present market situation and the possible situation in the future. Consider the local demand and export possibilities
  • Availability of feeds and water. These are the essential needs of pigs
  • Veterinary and extension services available in the area
  • Project site. Consider the accessibility to input and output markets, distance from residential areas, waste disposal system
  • Availability of labor. Consider their knowledge and skills needed for the successful operation of the business
  • Financial capability of the pig farmer
  • Presence of credit institutions
Production Planning
Computing for the number of finishers produced per year To get the number of fatteners that can be sold, a similar procedure is followed.
Other assumptions being considered Average Daily Gain (ADG), Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), Culling Rate and Selection rate From these computations, it would be easy for us to project our stock at any given time of the farm operation. From it, we could also have a wise computation of the projected feed consumption of the farm at any given time.

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