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Vegetable Planting and Raising Seedlings

Methods of Vegetable Planting

1.  Direct Sowing


  • Many seeds
  • Re-seeding
  • Thinning
  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Spraying
  • Fertilization
  • Not uniform growth

Vegetables for direct sowing

2. Transplanting (Raising Seedlings)


  • Less seeds
  • Easy management (watering, pests control, weeding, fertilization)
  • Uniform plant
  • Field utilization

Vegetable types for transplanting

  • Tomato (Kamatis)                 
  • Eggplant (Talong)
  • Finger pepper (Siling Pang-sigang)  
  • Bell pepper
  • Pechay                  
  • Cabbage (Repolyo)
  • Cauliflower            
  • Broccoli

Common Problems in Raising Seedlings

1. Elongation caused by the following:

  • Shortage of sunlight
  • High N contents of the soil
  • High soil moisture

2. Non-germination caused by the following:

  • Immature seeds
  • Attacked by insect pests or diseases
  • Too dry or too wet bed soil
  • Too hot weather
  • Unsuitable bed soil

Benefits of Raising Seedlings

  • Small and young seedlings can be raised in large quantity
  • Damages from insects, diseases, heavy rain, drought and high or low temperature are avoided
  • Labor savings from thinning, weed and pest control, and watering
  • Field utilization is maximized
  • Uniform growth can be obtained
  • Amount of seeds can be reduced
  • Good quality seedlings can be obtained
  • Direct Sowing and Transplanting

Methods of Raising Seedlings for Transplanting

1. Raising seedlings in bed

  1. Make sowing ditch 6-9 cm apart
  2. Sow seeds in the ditch
  3. Cover the seeds with soil
  4. Put rice straw on the bed to keep the soil moist
  5. Remove rice straw immediately after germination

2. Raising seedlings in tray

W: 30-40cm
L: 40-50cm
H:   6-10cm

3. Raising seedlings in pot

  1. Soak seeds overnight in clean water
  2. Spread seeds on wet cloth; roll and keep it for a few days
  3. Transfer germinated seeds to the pots

Kinds of pots

  • Polyethylene pot
  • Earthen pot
  • Banana leaf pot
  • Newspaper pot
  • Plastic bag

4. Raising seedlings  in plug tray (cell tray)

  1. Mix the materials of the planting medium (Compost : Carbonized rice hull : PCM = 1: 2 : 0.5 )
  2. Put the medium in the trays
  3. Make a hole on the medium in every cell
  4. Plant one seed in each hole
  5. Cover holes with medium
  6. Apply pesticide. Magnum 5 EC: ants Dithane M-45: damping off
  7. Apply water


  • Minimize planting shock
  • Saving on seeds
  • Seedlings can be easily transplanted to the field
  • Easy management


  • Soil in the pot dries up easily
  • Poor root development after setting if the seedlings are kept too long in the pot
  • Expensive (P70/tray)

Guidelines in Raising Seedlings

1. Wet season - Protect the seedlings from the rain by doing any of the following:

2)   Dry season -        Protect the seedlings from strong sunshine by doing the following:

Note: Enough air and sunlight can still come in through the sides  of the nursery

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